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Catholic Online School Teacher Network

Teaching should be a shared experience, not an isolated pursuit. That’s why we offer Catholic Online School Teacher Network.

At the heart of our Teacher Network, teachers have a forum of opportunities to learn from each other as they work to implement learning and career ready education.

The Network encourages teachers to share ideas and successes with peers from around the world. Moving the profession forward, learning from each other and working together to learn and grow. The power of a great teacher is not only confined to a group of students, but leaps out of the classroom, spreading across the world, and elevating the whole profession.

Working together, teachers will accelerate efforts to improve instruction and effectively implement higher standards through the following three components: Learn, Connect, and Lead.

When teachers get together, there’s nothing they can’t do. That’s why we are creating the Teacher Network, a robust community where teachers can build relationships with one another, swap ideas, and share meaningful feedback.

Teacher Network is being co-designed with teacher leaders to shape a space where teachers can connect to share ideas and resources, support one another, and elevate and celebrate the profession.

Teacher Network helps teachers connect and share with digital ease.

Please send us a message with your request to receive more information on joining the Catholic Online School Teacher Network. 

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