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Catechism - Lesson 1

The Great Teacher

AIM:   To teach children that they can rely on an All Knowing God, and that Jesus is available t us at all times - whenever we pray. To introduce the concept of Bible Studies, the importance of Parables and an introduction to such life lessons.

There are various phases in a child's life wherein different people hold great importance to them.
Needless to say, the greatest influences in a child's life is the parent themselves. However, about the time a child begins school one of the most important person(s)  in their life invariably becomes their teacher. 
Teachers have an immense capacity and responsibility in these little minds. 
Like Spiderman says " With great Power comes Great responsibility" 
Hence, we as teachers try our best to be extra careful and encouraging to our kids. 
This section of my class began like this: 
( I began writing on the "White Board" . ) 
Teacher: Who does this all the time? 
Teacher : Good- do you like your teachers? 
Kids: YES!!
Teacher: Can you tell me some of your favourite Teacher's names? 
Teacher: Thats great!! Do you know you have ONE Great Teacher who can teach you every lesson in the world? 
He is Always Right!
Never has the wrong answer and can teach you so beautifully that you will understand verything He teaches immediately? 
He is so Great that he has taught me, your parents, your grandparents and everyone you can ever think of!!!
(Kids look on in awe!!) 
Teacher: Can anyone tell me who This Great Teacher is? 
Teacher: This teacher did not teach in classrooms but wherever He met anyone who would listen. 
Teacher: He taught in Temples or in a boat or in mountains and hills .......and He loved Children 
(recognition lights up a few faces. Some hands go up ) 
Teacher: That is right - Jesus is the greatest teacher!!!
Do you know how he taught? He did not use notebooks, pens, Blackboards- so how did He teach? 
He taught us with stories!! Jesus loved to tell stories - His stories are called PARABLES!!
Parables are stories that Jesus told with examples to teach us special lessons. Parables were short and simple but had very good (read deep, moral and spiritual )  lessons behind them. 

We wound up with a short Prayer to The Greatest Teacher ever asking Him to help us Love Him more and more!!
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